About this blog

This blog (over time) will comprise various musings the the occasional insight on topics that excite the passions of its author (Martin Smith). These topics include:

– Creativity : The nature of creative and original thought; how it can be encouraged and fostered in individuals, teams and organisations; why creativity is important
– Learning : How and why people learn; how the “provision” of learning in organisations could be better; how and why learning is changing (e.g. the impact of technology);
– Innovation: How organisations can be more innovative; why they should be
– Organisational change: Organisational behaviour; barriers to change; managing change
– Technology: How rapid technology changes are impacting on our world, the way we live, work and play; the opportunities; the risks

…and anything else that may be related to the above (be that closely or loosely) and (more to the point) motivates the author sufficiently to put his thoughts into words.

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